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Douglas DC-4 by CascadiaSB Douglas DC-4 :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 4 0 Lisunov Li-2 Cab by CascadiaSB Lisunov Li-2 Cab :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 4 0 Flugzeuge des Deutschen Kaiserreichs - WIP by CascadiaSB Flugzeuge des Deutschen Kaiserreichs - WIP :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 15 0 Cmdr. Tyrell Andrade's X-Wings by CascadiaSB Cmdr. Tyrell Andrade's X-Wings :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 11 2 Nakajima B5N Kate by CascadiaSB Nakajima B5N Kate :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 3 1 Mitsubishi A6M Zeke by CascadiaSB Mitsubishi A6M Zeke :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 2 0 Kawasaki Ki-48 Lily by CascadiaSB Kawasaki Ki-48 Lily :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 2 0 Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu by CascadiaSB Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 2 0 Junkers F.13 by CascadiaSB Junkers F.13 :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 2 0 Fairchild 91 by CascadiaSB Fairchild 91 :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 3 0 Douglas DC-1 by CascadiaSB Douglas DC-1 :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 3 1 DFS 230 by CascadiaSB DFS 230 :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 2 0 Caproni Ca.308 Borea by CascadiaSB Caproni Ca.308 Borea :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 3 0 Avia B-34 by CascadiaSB Avia B-34 :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 2 0 Albatros D.V by CascadiaSB Albatros D.V :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 2 0 Albatros C.XII by CascadiaSB Albatros C.XII :iconcascadiasb:CascadiaSB 2 0


Portuguese Air Force by SILVER-70CHEV Portuguese Air Force :iconsilver-70chev:SILVER-70CHEV 10 1 Royal Netherlands Air Force by SILVER-70CHEV Royal Netherlands Air Force :iconsilver-70chev:SILVER-70CHEV 9 2 United States Air Force AU by SILVER-70CHEV United States Air Force AU :iconsilver-70chev:SILVER-70CHEV 23 5 Deviantart Alternate Universe 2018 by SILVER-70CHEV Deviantart Alternate Universe 2018 :iconsilver-70chev:SILVER-70CHEV 12 5 Pacific Southwest Airlines by SILVER-70CHEV Pacific Southwest Airlines :iconsilver-70chev:SILVER-70CHEV 14 2 Royal Danish Air Force by SILVER-70CHEV Royal Danish Air Force :iconsilver-70chev:SILVER-70CHEV 10 1 Alternate Universe 1939 by SILVER-70CHEV Alternate Universe 1939 :iconsilver-70chev:SILVER-70CHEV 13 8 Swedish AF Flygvapnet by SILVER-70CHEV Swedish AF Flygvapnet :iconsilver-70chev:SILVER-70CHEV 11 3 Blair Dame by Devil-V Blair Dame :icondevil-v:Devil-V 1,414 32 Red Sonja by Milton Estevam by aercastro82 Red Sonja by Milton Estevam :iconaercastro82:aercastro82 40 2 Chun Li cosplay II. by EnjiNight Chun Li cosplay II. :iconenjinight:EnjiNight 5,328 368 Chun Li cosplay IV. by EnjiNight Chun Li cosplay IV. :iconenjinight:EnjiNight 2,090 115 Kasumi - Dead Or Alive cosplay IV. by EnjiNight Kasumi - Dead Or Alive cosplay IV. :iconenjinight:EnjiNight 2,322 109 Kasumi - Dead Or Alive cosplay V. by EnjiNight Kasumi - Dead Or Alive cosplay V. :iconenjinight:EnjiNight 1,376 39 Jill Valentine cosplay III by EnjiNight Jill Valentine cosplay III :iconenjinight:EnjiNight 3,354 198 Jill Valentine cosplay I by EnjiNight Jill Valentine cosplay I :iconenjinight:EnjiNight 4,570 379


Douglas DC-5
The less know mber of the Douglas Comercial family.

Edit: new cockpit and further panel lines.
Douglas DC-4
The four-engined big brother of the DC-3, also known as C-54.

This is a completely new drawing. Just compare it to my older C-54 drawing
Lisunov Li-2 Cab
The Soviet built version of the DC-3. Just to keep the family together.
Douglas DC-3
Probably the most famous of the Douglas Comercials.

Edit: new cockpit and tail wheel drawn, several new military versions and upgraded variants added.


Mathias Wetekam


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Feel free to leave a comment at any time if you'd like to. :)
MisterArtMaster101 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018
Do you do requests, because your art is damn fine and I've got a few ideas that might suit you. :)
CascadiaSB Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018
I usually don't do requests.
But you may tell me your ideas.
MisterArtMaster101 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018
Alright, this is birthed from a thread at where the Treaty of Versailles is far harsher than OTL, which evolved into pretty much everyone but the British and French saying 'WTF!?! That is too far!' and practically abandons Britain and France faster than you can say 'oh shit'. The US would leverage a significant portion war debts that they had over Britain and France's head for Imperial Germany's African colonies and would start supplying Germany with food and supplies under the pretext of humanitarian aid. Woodrow Wilson -the idealist that he is- makes a hard 180 and starts setting up the systems that would save Germany. Thomas R. Marshall would become President after Woodrow bites it via Nightmare!Versailles induced heart attack and would carry out Woodrow's plans... which oddly enough would save the world from some of the horrors that happened in our timeline.

Imperial Japan's 'Old Men' faction manages to purge -or, more specifically, 'Went all Stalin like'- after the militarists tried to pull a coup against the Emperor and the Old Men without the population's backing -thanks to the Old Men running reality-based propaganda that painted the Militarists as accessories to the French and British. Kaiser Wilhelm the Second would lead the war effort against the British and French before transferring power to his more successful son Fredrick, Wilhelm would later be known as 'Wilhelm the Flawed' and would later die in WW2 against a Soviet invasion. The endowments of the sciences and arts that would later bear his name was a pet project of Wilhelm the Second's. Eventually Germany would get some of what it wanted in Mittle Europa and Mittle Afrika, and would become a major power on the world stage. Africa in the 'modern day' of this timeline is actually quite well developed thanks to Imperial Germany's program to make it's colonies into trading partners instead of something to be exploited. Think of it prosperous and stable instead of war torn hellholes. Poland would become an ally of Germany's because -let's face it- of France, Britain, and the USSR.

China and Japan become begrudging friends at first -because the only way to get the US on board with an alliance between Japan and the US is to keep the IJN at a smaller -not significantly so- size than the USN and the Open Door policy in China- but later would become the nucleus for a true Pan-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere that would involve much of Indochina. Korea becomes essentially a better Philippines and much of China's traditional lands become China's again with the help of Japanese forces. The US gets officially involved in Europe when the Royal Navy starts shooting at US ships, leading to the sinking of the USS Chester... but before the Royal Navy could send the convoy to Davy Jones's locker, the High Seas Fleet managed to break out of Scapa and sent a detachment to save the convoy. Prostitutes and pimps in Germany become Germany's intelligence and assassination network, becoming the eyes and ears of the resisting German military despite the British and French leadership ordering that lone pimps and prostitutes were to be summary executed... leading to the legalization -and regulation- of what is known as the 'oldest profession' in the years following the 'Großen Widerstandskrieg' (lit. Great War of Resistance).

Hitler would have his perception changed again during the Großen Widerstandskrieg, leading to the abandonment of his anti-semite views thanks to pretty much every German Jew supporting the war effort in some way... and having a friend in a man named Egon who would die saving Hitler's life in the Battle of Hamburg. 

Basically it's a Britain and France screw with Germany getting a mid- to long-term wank alongside the US, China, Japan, and others.

Now the equipment that I have ideas for starts out with only the US and Germany making a joint tank development program that would lead to a tank that looks like someone fused a Panzer II with a M2 Stuart... that is armed with a 3.7cm PaK cannon as it's main armament with .30cal/7.92mm machineguns as a coaxial, a commander's cupola weapon in AA mount, and a bow MG; and would see service throughout WW2 as a scout tank with numerous variants including what is effectively a StuGG I.

Another WW2 era vehicle would be a fusion between the Panzer IV and the M4A1 Sherman. Initially armed with a L/40 75mm cannon -mostly due to the original 76mm gun being wrought with trouble- with a coaxial .30cal/7.92mm, a bow .30cal/7.92mm, and a commander's cupola .50cal AA mount.

I could put more down but I am probably reaching the character limit right now...
CascadiaSB Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018
Sonds like FD-scale drawings. Sorry, but I don`t think I will do any request in FD-scale. I'm more into planebucket.
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